Howard Beck was an extremely active collector. In 1887 he helped to organize and was the first president of the original Detroit Philatelic Society. His CPA career eventually took him to Baltimore where he was president of the Baltimore Philatelic Society.

Beck made at least nine E12 FDCs. Four are addressed to him and five are addressed to his philatelic friends in Detroit. These FDCs represent his first venture as a FDC servicer.

The “Fee Claimed” handstamp is a safeguard that indicates that the Baltimore Post Office is entitled to the 10 cent special delivery fee, of which 8 cents goes to the messenger who tries to make the delivery. In case the addressee is not at the address, but the letter can then be forwarded, the next post office can not claim the fee. The forwarded letter would be treated as normal mail and not special delivery unless 10 cents more postage is added to it.

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