Signed Panes

Eidsness, Glover, and Hill (left to right) at the BEP inspecting the first sheet of the new Special Delivery stamp. The rubber stamp “Canceled” on the photo means that the negative was destroyed by the BEP.


plate block removed from pane #5 of the 24 signed panes.

The signatures are:

M. L. Eidsness, Jr. Superintendent, Division of Stamps
W. Irving Glover Third Assistant Postmaster General
L. W. Hill Director, Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Eidsness has two signatures. He first signed with his initials in pencil, then later signed in ink. There are at least two, maybe three, of the signed panes that are still intact. Below is pane #4. Note that Eidsness erased his pencil signature before signing over it in ink.


Top right pane of sheet from plate 13920

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