The addresses on Henry Hammelman FDCs are either typewritten or handwritten. His typewritten FDCs, as seen above, use a smaller-size elite font with significant progressive indents for the lines of the address. The spacing between consecutive lines may be single or double space. I find that the Hammelman typewritten covers stand out from other typewritten covers when I browse through an auction catalogue. All of Hammelman’s known E12 FDCs are typewritten.

Hammelman worked in the Dead Letter Office of the Post Office Department in Washington, DC. In 1935, about three years after he retired from the government, he moved to New York City and started up the Pioneer Stamp Company at 116 Nassau Street. He specialized in FDCs, first flight covers, and air mail stamps. His covers had been accumulated during his working years by addressing multiple covers of various issues to his associates in the Post Office Department, to residents at his boarding houses, and to FDC servicer William Siebold (see above) and Siebold’s daughter, Marie. He and Siebold had been friends in their home town of Buffalo, NY before the two of them moved to Washington. Some of Hammelman’s earliest FDCs (1913) are addressed to either William or Marie Siebold. This practice would be repeated for several different FDCs in the years to come. Hammelman’s last know cover was hand-addressed by him in 1948.

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